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Most Name Brand Hearing Aids Are Available at G. Barbieri in Montreal

When we hear better, we can communicate more easily – this is essential for better quality of life and to facilitate contact with others in both your private and professional life.

For more than 40 years, our team at G. Barbieri has been offering concrete solutions to effectively and sustainably address hearing loss, with discreet and efficient instruments that are comfortable and easy for everyday wear.

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We also offer:

• Full coverage by health insurance

• Private insurance, CSST and Veterans Affairs Canada are accepted

Happiness is Hearing!

We offer excellent service for finding hearing aids that suit you. Whatever your age, you can count on our expertise and extensive knowledge. We offer complete screenings and assessments done by professional audiologists, which are compatible by government-sponsored instruments.

We offer:

• A hearing exam

Hearing aid repairs for all brands

• Earplugs

• And much more!

As technology evolves, there are always new and better ways to dramatically improve your hearing. We have selected hearing aid brands known for the quality and reliability of their products. We also carry music, sleep and noise cancelling earplugs and much more.

The excuse for not wearing a hearing aid is over! With new available technology, hearing aids are more comfortable than ever! Not convinced? Ask us about our 30 day trial period! You no longer have to live with hearing loss. Talk to us. We have 2 clinics in Montreal.

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The various models of hearing aids on this site must be evaluated by a hearing care professional to determine if they are suitable for you.

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